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Danfil Kids Jewellery

Danfil children’s earrings and pendants

Original gold children’s earrings and pendants for babies, preschool girls and young ladies. Select from white, yellow or pink gold with colour stones or natural pearls, directly from the manufacturer.

Danfil children’s earrings and pendants

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Why purchase from us?

  • You buy directly from the manufacturer

    We have been producing the jewellery we offer for more than 25 years, which enables us to offer quality jewellery, services and customer care. More about us

  • Quality at Reasonable Price

    Beautiful children's earrings of very good quality in various shapes and types of fastening at very reasonable prices.

  • Warranty and after-sales service

    We offer premium after-sales service for any jewel that you buy from us. We are happy to check, polish and repair your jewellery.

Create your own children's earrings

We are the only company that offers you the option to create girl’s earrings yourself, to suit your taste. Combine the shape, colour of gold, stone colour and fastening with your stylish little girl and enjoy the original result.

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