About our jewels

About our jewels

Choose what interests you. Read about the different types of children's earring fastenings and which one to choose for your princess. Select stones according to the colour typology of your little girl. This, and other interesting information about children's earrings can be found on this page.


  • Earring shapes

    We offer various kinds of children's earrings that are thematically divided according to their shapes. We are sure that the earrings you select for your little princesswill not only be the most exciting ones but they will also reflect her character. However, it is true that all shapes are very optimistic and cute. Your choice depends only on your taste and the taste of your little princess.

    Information about earring shapes
  • About our gold

    Materiál, který používáme pro zhotovení dětských šperků Danfil, je zlato 585/1000. Zlaté šperky jsou symbolem luxusu a zároveň kvality. Všechny naše produkty jsou opatřeny puncovní značkou, raženou českým Puncovním úřadem.

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  • Coloured stones

    We set Danfil earrings with coloured stones of twelve different shades. We also offer children's earrings with luxurious diamonds. We produce these colourful stones from the best suppliers, such as Preciosa and Swarovski. All stones have an effect called Star Effect, which demonstrates the highest quality of stone and its absolutely perfect cut.

    Information about coloured stones
  • Earrings fastening

    Most of our earring models can be produced with any of the following types of fastenings. When choosing the most suitable type, keep in mind that the earrings should be easily put on and they should fit well in your ear. At the same time, think of types minimizing the risk of injury while getting caught on some objects. Would you like to see the difference between various types of fastenings? Watch the following video.

    Information about earring fastenings
  • Earring styles

    All children's earrings can be selected in any style offered; ladybugs or stars, for example. They are all available in classic style or as studs or dangle earrings. The only exception would be the huggie rings because they have their own design..

    Information about earring styles