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Children's earrings styles

Children's earrings styles

All children's earrings can be selected in any style offered; ladybugs or stars, for example. They are all available in classic style or as studs or dangle earrings. The only exception would be the huggie rings because they have their own design.

Choose from the following styles:

  • Classic

    We offer two classic style options: lever back or front fastening.

  • Studs

    The studs represent a simple, but very beautiful earring option. The fastening is hidden behind the earlobe, and therefore their perfect shape stands out from the front. You can choose from various types of fastenings, for example screw back or butterfly back, that slide onto the shank (rod), and protect the earrings against loss. This style of earrings is recommended for girls older than 6 months.

  • Dangle earrings

    Princesslike dangle earrings, hanging on an earlobe, are really cute and playful. They will make every dressy girl happy. You can choose out of two types of dangle earrings, each with various types of fastenings.

  • Rings

    Small or large rings, set with stones of different colours, will grace both a babygirl and a school-age girl. The smaller rings encircle the earlobe and fit the ear perfectly.