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Children's earrings fastening

Children's earrings fastening

Most of our earring models can be produced with any of the following types of fastenings. When choosing the most suitable type, keep in mind that the earrings should be easily put on and they should fit well in your ear. At the same time, think of types minimizing the risk of injury while getting caught on some objects. Would you like to see the difference between various types of fastenings? Watch the following video.

Available types of fastenings:

  • Front backs

    The fastening of front back earrings is in front. The hook is inserted into the loop from the front side of earring, which is useful when being put on by a different person than the actual wearer.

    • This fastening is very resistant against loss.
    • The fastening is very fragile, and therefore it is necessary to be careful especially at the first time.

    Age recommendation: from 3 months to 3 years

    Front back earrings
  • Butterfly back

    The butterfly back closure for this type of fastening slides onto the shank (rod) of the earrings. The shank is provided with a notch which holds the butterfly backs in place. This type of closure is especially popular in Western Europe.

    • If the earring gets caught on anything, it releases easily, which can prevent a possible injury to the ear. The fastening is very light and therefore more affordable.
    • The butterfly backs secure the earrings to the ear slightly less than screw back fastening.

    Age recommendation: from 6 months

    Butterfly earring backs
  • Screw back

    In this case, the shank (rod) of the earring is provided with a thread on which a baloon-shaped closure is screwed. This type of closure is very popular.

    • These earrings are fixed very securely and there is almost no risk of loss.
    • Due to the screw system the act of putting them on is more difficult. Another small drawback is that the closure can easily capture impurities, e.g. soap or cream, so the earrings need to be cleaned periodically.

    Age recommendation: from 5 months

    Screw back earrings
  • Leverbacks

    The fastening is disposed on the back side of the earring and is provided with a leverback, which closes the earring and prevents its opening and loss. Generally, this type of earring fastening is the most popular to use. It is suitable for older girls.

    • Very easy to put on.
    • It is heavier in weight, the price is therefore higher.
    • Not suitable for babies.

    Age recommendation: from 5 to 12 years

    Leverback earrings
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