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Colour typology

Colour typology

Are you selecting children’s earrings and find yourself unsure of what colour to choose? Get inspired by our tips on which combination of gold colour and zircon colour to select, for example, by symbolism or hair and skin tone.

Colour typology according to gold

When selecting the gold colour of children’s earrings, keep an eye on your daughter’s colour typology. The colour of her skin and hair plays an important role. You can define at a glance whether your daughter’s skin tone is warm or cold.

  • Cold type

    If your daughter has pink cheeks, light skin and bluish veins can be spotted on her body, she is a cold type and a jewel of white or pink gold.

  • Warm type

    On the contrary, if she has a dark face and green veins on her body, she is a warm type and will be the most suitable for her yellow gold. Here, it is also possible to choose pink gold, which can be lightened with a stone in warm shades.

Colour typology according to the colour of the stone

Same as for selection of gold, we can also use colour typology of skin and hair for choosing the colour of the stone in children’s jewel. The colour shades appropriate for the warm types are different from those for little girls with cold skin tone.

  • Earrings for blondes with warm skin tone

    Blondes with warm skin tone

    Stones in warm, earthy tones best underline the beauty of girl wearing the earrings. Dark blue colour and above mentioned shades of green, such as emerald or olive green are suitable for them.

  • Earrings for blondes with cold skin tone

    Blonds with cold skin tone

    According to colour typology, it is beneficial to choose pink and amethyst violet colours of stone to pleasantly complement a cool skin tone.

  • Earrings for brunettes with warm skin tone

    Brunettes with warm skin tone

    Stones in red, orange or yellow colour fit best this type of girls. They will brighten up and underline the tone of their skin.

  • Earrings for brunettes with cold skin tone

    Brunettes with cold skin tone

    If your daughter has light skin and is a brunette, earrings with stones in clear white, pink, red or ruby red will suite her..

  • Earrings for black-haired girls

    Black-haired girls

    If your girl has black hair, colour of emerald green, dark blue or amethyst violet will underline her beauty regardless of her skin tone.

  • Earrings for red-haired girls

    Red-haired girls

    Clear white is the best choice for little red-haired girls with light skin. Shades of green fit best the red-haired little girls with dark skin.

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