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Earring shapes

Earring shapes

We offer various kinds of children's earrings that are thematically divided according to their shapes. We are sure that the earrings you select for your little princesswill not only be the most exciting ones but they will also reflect her character. However, it is true that all shapes are very optimistic and cute. Your choice depends only on your taste and the taste of your little princess

Choose from the following shapes

  • Ladybugs

    One of the most popular Danfil Kids Jewellery earrings are certainly funny ladybugs with a red stone. Danfil little ducks and elephants are among the most original children's jewellery in our brand Danfil Kids Jewellery and are also very popular among our customers.

    Ladybug earrings
  • Stars

    Pro malé „princezny Večernice“ pak máme v nabídce designérsky svěží hvězdičky a půlměsíčky. You can choose from five or six-pointed stars that will shine in their ears not only at night. They will brighten up her little face all day.

    Earrings with stars
  • Flowers

    Get inspired by nature and choose from many kinds of traditionally popular flowers, leaves and four-leaf clovers.

    Earrings with flowers
  • Hearts

    The most romantic option is clearly a heart, which may be simple or set with stones. They underline the beauty of babies and little ladies. Your heart beats with joy when you look at them.

    Earrings with hearts
  • Classic

    If you prefer classic and simple shapes, choose from earrings such as little circles, triangles or squares. These earrings are very subtle, and can contain stones to beautify their.

    Classic earrings
  • Drops

    Dewdrops in the grass do not have to be transparent. Cutie Earrings shaped like droplets are set with stones of different colours. Adorn your little girl's face with dew drops.

    Earrings with drops
  • Or build your own earrings

    If you have not chosen among our models in the collection, create your own earrings in our configurator. You specify the motif (shape) of jewellery, the colour of gold metal (white, yellow or pink gold), colour of stones and type of fastening.

    Adjust them