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The jewellery company, Danfil Jewellery s.r.o., has been operating since 1992, and is one of the most sought-after companies in the field of jewellery production and related services. The jewellery that is offered by the company is made in house, which enables the company to offer premium services, customer care and after-sales-service.

At Danfil Jewellery, the customer, their wishes and needs always come first. The company aims to offer jewellery that not only meets all the requirements of demanding clients, but also exceeds their expectations. Unprecedented design, top quality product, service and maximum customer care are our mission.

O nás

We want to be the reason to wear quality jewellery

Jewels of Danfil Jewellery are meant to bring joy, create a bond between people, evoke the memory of a loved one, express emotions. The main priority of the company is to build an emotional tie with the jewel and the brand.

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Náš proces výroby

how doesOur production process flow

Craftsmanship, assembly and manual processing of jewellery is a highly esteemed and sought-after service that Danfil Jewellery offers its clients. Setting the correct standards for efficient production is considered to be a success that results from the smooth operation of the production process.

All jewels are produced at the company's headquarters in Liberec, where goldsmiths and stone setters create and pass their work on to other masters of their craft for machining, grinding and polishing.

The journey of jewellery production starts at Danfil Jewellery from the initial design, worked on by several designers and graphic artists. In producing the jewel, the work does not end by any means. The company's goal is to offer jewellery directly to its customers, with above-standard care, individual services and after-sales service.

Představujeme vám náš tým

We are introducingOur team

We know that success is borne by every employee who does their job responsibly, so the effort to improve the work environment and set motivation is very important to us.

In order to achieve the best results, we rely on innovative procedures and continuous employee training. Creating a friendly atmosphere in the workplace supports the trust that the company's management has in its employees, and this is reflected in our approach to our customers

  • Filip Horák - Founder & CEO of Danfil Jewellery

    Filip Horák

    Founder & CEO of Danfil Jewellery

    Filip Horák, the founder of Danfil Jewellery, comes from a family of goldsmiths and is very close to the craft, thanks to his father who was a forensic expert on metals and precious stones.

    He employs over 25 goldsmiths and other administrative staff. He is a supporter of technological development, innovations and processes, as well as tradition and thorough craftsmanship.

  • Dan Horák - Operations Manager

    Daniel Horák

    Operations Manager

    Dan is a businessman in body and soul who can keep a cool head even when solving complex issues. He joined his brother Filip in the family business more than ten years ago to set the pace for the jewellery industry in the Czech Republic.

    His responsibility in the company is primarily to ensure its smooth operational functioning, providing for its personal and material resources and dealing with the little things, without which no company could operate like a well-oiled machine.

  • Lucie Zajíčková - Sales Manager

    Lucie Zajíčková

    Sales Manager

    Lucie graduated from the University of Economics in Prague with a specialization in international commerce. Already during her studies, she founded her own e-shop and thus started her passion for e-commerce and the online world. Her responsibilities include most company processes.

    She follows all the news in the field of the jewellery industry and thus participates in the creation of new collections and campaigns, visits exhibitions and fairs, communicates with suppliers and manages our social media.

  • Jan Fanta - 3D Graphic Artist & Designer

    Jan Fanta

    3D Graphic Artist & Designer

    Jan studied goldsmithing, but he rarely works in this field in the company. His main scope is graphic arts and the operation of 3D programs. His talent is indispensable in creating every new jewel.

    In his hands, new models and tailor-made products are created. He is also a designer, which is very desirable for this position.

  • Jan Rucker - Goldsmith & Graphic Artist

    Jan Rucker

    Goldsmith & Graphic Artist

    Honza has been working in the company for many years and excels in his goldsmith skills.

    He has developed into a very experienced and talented goldsmith and graphic artist who is at the beginning of custom jewellery production, from 3D model design to precise goldsmith work. His work is highly sought-after and unique.

  • Lucie Malochová - Customer Care Specialist

    Lucie Malochová

    Customer Care Specialist

    Lucie has built a long career as a professional saleswoman and she is like a fish in water when communicating with customers. Thanks to regular consultations with the goldsmiths and her rich experience, she can advise you on selecting the perfect jewel, as well as on custom production.

    You can meet her in person in our showroom, or contact her by e-mail or company chat, where she is also available to you to answer any question.

  • Pavel Petráček - Project Manager

    Pavel Petráček

    Project Manager

    Pavel is the driving force behind the whole company. His job is to manage online projects and coordinate sales and marketing. He communicates with external employees and suppliers and regularly works on improving websites and all online platforms.

    Marketing management and strategy preparation are one of his strengths.

See our otherJewellery collections

We are a family jeweller and offer other jewellery designed not only for children. See the collections in our other e-shops in the portfolio of Danfil Jewellery, s.r.o.

  • Kolekce Danfil Diamonds

    Danfil Diamonds

    The Danfil Diamonds collection represents elegance, luxury and the sparkle of beautiful diamonds. We offer high-quality jewellery of Czech production, thanks to which you can enjoy the beauty of diamonds for everyday wear at an affordable price. You will definitely find the right choice from an ever-expanding collection of 400 models.

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  • Kolekce Light Collection

    Light Collection

    Delicate rings, light thin rings decorated with discreet diamonds, elegant earrings and pendants, this is our Light Collection. Subtle jewellery will complement you nicely and you will enchant those around you with your minimalist style. With a jewel from the Light Collection, you can definitely match the taste of the recipient, who will be happy with it every day.

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  • Kolekce Colored Gemstones

    Colored Gemstones

    The Colored Gemstones collection of jewels with gemstones combines enchanting gemstone colours and the glitter of jewellery. You can choose rubies, emeralds, blue and pink sapphires, as well as glittering diamonds in combination with white 14-carat gold. Precious stones in the form of jewellery truly come to life and underline the beauty of every brave woman.

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  • Kolekce Filip Horák Jewellery

    Filip Horák Jewellery

    This jewellery is created using the unique technique of manual assembly, which is typical for the region of the Jizera Mountains. These jewels can be made in different shapes that can form a common collection or a single piece of jewellery, unique anywhere in the world. This manual technique is slowly disappearing and we are trying to re-establish it.

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  • Angels kolekce

    Angels Collection

    A limited collection of fine jewellery made of white or yellow gold with a feather motif. Subtle pendants and trendy rings with diamonds carry a strong magical element. In symbolism, feathers help open communication and retain life energy. Every woman will fall in love with this angelically beautiful jewellery.

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  • Kolekce Danfil Kids Jewellery

    Danfil Kids Jewellery

    Children's earrings from the Danfil collection represent iconic children's jewellery. Adorable and light as a feather. Made in white, yellow or pink gold with coloured stones, these are the perfect first piece of jewellery for your little girl. The Danfil children's earrings range includes not only a girl’s first earrings, but also those for older girls up to the age of 15.

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  • Kolekce Snubní prsteny Danfil

    Danfil wedding rings

    Danfil wedding rings are born under the hands of creative designers and experienced goldsmiths who have been able to combine innovative technologies, quality materials and artistic handicrafts to create rings that will not only be the perfect gem for a wedding, but above all, an eternal symbol of your love.

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