Gifts for baby girl

How to choose the right gift for a little girl when she already has a children's room full of toys? We have a simple answer to this - buy her a beautiful piece of jewelry in the form of a pendant or earrings.

First earrings

Little Girl Birthday Gifts

When choosing jewelry for girls, it is important to choose the right one according to age, because, for example, a one-year-old girl needs different earrings than the one that celebrates her 5th birthday. We don't want to overwhelm you with a lot of information, but for earrings it is very important to choose the right fastening. We have selected the most popular pieces for you, which have already made many girls happy.

First birthday

3rd - 5th birthday

5th - 12th birthday

Gifts for baby girl

Women have loved shiny gifts since they were little. Gold children's jewelry such as earrings or a pendant is a gift with lasting value suitable for any occasion, whether it is a birthday, holiday, Christmas, just because you want to please your loved ones when they do not even expect it.

  • Gift for annual girl

    Beautiful jewelry is a great gift for a girl for her first birthday. Not only will she remember forever who gave it to her, but it can also become a family piece of jewelry, which she will pass on to her children one day.
  • Gift for 3. - 5. birthdays

    Gold is the best investment. Give your little princess a gift that does not lose value. When she grows up, she can have a beautiful ring made of earrings or a pendant, for example. The great thing about gold is that its shape can be changed and we will be happy to offer you this service.
  • Gift for 5. - 12. birthdays

    Jewels of Danfil Jewellery are meant to bring joy, create a bond between people, evoke the memory of a loved one, express emotions.
  • Gift for childbirth

    When a baby girl is born, the little princess always gets gold earrings, but the woman is often forgotten. After all, the gift of a child, childbirth, concern for him deserves admiration. And beautiful jewelry will say it for you. In addition, it will forever be a reminder of one of the most beautiful moments in human life. Take a look at our sets for mom and baby girl or women's pendants.