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Farbige Steine

Farbige Steine

Dětské náušnice Danfil je možné osadit barevnými kameny dvanácti různých odstínů, nabízíme ale také dětské náušnice s luxusními diamanty. Tyto barevné kameny odebíráme od nejlepších dodavatelů jako je Preciosa. Všechny kameny mají tzv. efekt Hvězda (Star Effect), který dokazuje nejvyšší kvalitu kamene a jeho absolutně dokonalý výbrus.

Choose from the following 12 beautiful colours:

  • Clear White/ White

    The colour of diamond or crystal, clear white symbolizes purity and perfection. People who prefer white are usually predetermined for success.

    Earrings with clear white stone
  • Pink/ Pink

    Pink symbolizes gentleness, tenderness and love. It makes us accessible to beauty and harmony, and enables us to express both in our lives.

    Earrings with pink stone
  • TFC Red/ TFC Red

    With the capacity to charge things with energy, red is the colour of life force, courage and confidence. Red is very intense, and therefore suitable for energetic and passionate people.

    Earrings with bright red stone
  • Ruby Dark/ Ruby Dark

    Dark ruby is the warmest colour and represents love and passion. This romantic red option highlights the beauty of every woman or girl.

    Earrings with ruby red stone
  • Amethyst/ Amethyst

    The colour of mystery, spiritual depth, and growth, amethyst is associated with intuition. Its vibrations reveal hidden life dimensions and awaken in us the dedication and selfless love for life.

    Earrings with amethyst violet stone
  • Dark Blue/ Dark Blue

    Dark blue is the colour of depths, distances and tranquility. It represents the knowledge, strength of character and integrity. It evokes the credibility and reliability.

    Earrings with a dark blue stone
  • Arctic Blue/ Arctic Blue

    The colour of lightness, friendliness and clear purity, artic blue, recalls the beauty of the summer sky, peace and tranquility. People who prefer his colour are generally sympathetic and calm.

    Earrings with arctic blue stone
  • Emerald Green/ Emerald Green

    Emerald green is associated with ambitions and great goals. It's an uplifting and inspiring colour which indicates abundance and wealth in all its forms.

    Earrings with emerald green stone
  • Period Green/ Peridot Green

    Peridot green evokes the power of positive energy, optimism and peace. It is the colour of nature, it is the colour of healing. This colour is associated with understanding and care for the feelings of others.

    Earrings with peridot green stone
  • Mint Green/ Mint Green

    Mint is a fresh colour, which has a healing power. It exudes a sense of serenity and peace, and it recharges your batteries. It inspires the awakening of our inner youth and playfulness.

    Earrings with mint stone
  • Yellow/ Yellow

    Yellow represents the sun. It is the colour of joy and it encourages our appetite to open up to the world and knowledge. It evokes warm, golden warmth-giving sunshine.

    Earrings with yellow stone
  • Orange/ Orange

    Orange encourages the movement of life energy. It has literally life-giving power. It is the colour of delicious juicy oranges. It evokes a wealth of crops and ceremonial expectations.

    Earrings with orange stone
  • Pearls/ Pearls

    Pearl is the best known female symbol. So why not simply get them for your little princess. According to the tradition, pearls given as a present bring good luck. Pearls suit each little girl and young lady. They also underline their beauty and fine features.

    Pearl earrings